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August 2017 – The Maine Magazine – Mount Desert Island in 48 Hours by Jen Derose, Managing Editor. Sunday Morning “Around the corner from the hotel we stop in at Coffee Hound Coffee Bar for our caffeine fix. The gallery-like space features azure walls and reclaimed barn wood from Bar Boards and More in Gardiner, as well as an array of Maine-themed espresso drinks with names such as the the Acadian Turtle mocha, Lumberjack mocha, and the Maple Leaf latte.”

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The Boston Globe: Coffee Done Well in Bar Harbor  By Paul E. Kandarian, Globe Correspondent  I’m a coffee freak. Not a coffee aficionado, mind you, knowing various blends and tastes and acidities. Just gimme caffeine, I’ll take it from there.  So it was a great delight recently to find the Coffee Hound Coffee Bar up in Bar Harbor, a town I hadn’t visited since the 1970s, much of which is new.

Among the newest is the Coffee Hound, opened in early June by barista Chris Keegan. I grabbed a cup of Acadia Roast, expecting, well, coffee. But it was easily one of the best, smoothest blends ever, a whopping step up from the usual swill I make at home.  I love those little pleasant travel surprises, and Keegan’s shop fit the bill, a long, narrow space with the affable Keegan eager to discuss everything coffee with anyone interested in knowing.

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These guys are just cool! They take the best from the land they live on and make it even better. Lobster rolls in a coffee bar?! Sure, why not, it is Maine, baby! I was taken immediately by their signature menu and wanted to try all of it right away! Still feeling the taste of affogato: double espresso with a scoop of blueberry ice cream, mmmmmm, a real treat!

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August 2014 – The Maine Magazine: By Steve Kelly, Associate Publisher, Maine Home + Design and Maine magazines.  9:15 a.m. @ Bass Cottage Inn – “Our final breakfast is sublime—a beautifully presented Ducktrap smoked salmon scramble over a latke, topped with capers and sour cream. Jeffrey and Teri have been gracious and helpful hosts, and it is tough to leave, but we say our goodbyes and head out. We grab a coffee at the lively Coffee Hound Coffee Bar and take one last drive.”

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Coffee Hound. Yum.

I caught up with Jen Litteral, who co-owns Coffee Hound with her husband Chris Keegan, to find out what makes Coffee Hound’s food and drinks so darn delicious. The answer was quickly made obvious: Jen and Chris love what they do. Even their vacations are centered around coffee; they travel the globe in search of the best beans, the best roasters, and the best answers to her questions about the industry. Did you know that coffee beans are actually the pits of a very sweet type of cherry that have to be handpicked because they ripen at different times? Or that over 5 million people work in the coffee industry and coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world after oil? Or that the Pope baptized coffee in the 1640s because he enjoyed it and up until that point it was unsanctioned by the Catholic Church and considered “the Devil’s drink”? I learned more in five minutes of conversation with Jen than I ever had about coffee. She was clearly excited to share her passion. I was clearly excited to eat her donuts.

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Barking local around Bar Harbor – Coffee Hound  – Brady likes to stop for coffee breaks at Coffee Hound  on Main St. This 1 year old establishment is owned by Chris and Jen Keegan who not only have a passion for serving good coffee but also welcome dogs. When you visit with your dog, they get to have their photo taken and added to the Coffee Hound’s of Bar Harbor Facebook page. The owners are dog-lovers with a rescued dog from Arkansas, Arlo, whose favorite Acadia hike is the Stair Trail on Dorr Mountain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet their coffee hound as he was off on a latte break. The woof on the street is they are opening a Coffee Hounds at Sunday River Mountain this winter.

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‘Suspended Coffee’ Benefits YMCA  BAR HARBOR — Coffee Hound Coffee Bar, a seasonal business first opened in 2013 on Main Street near Agamont Park, is working with the YWCA Mount Desert Island to place “suspended coffee” beans in locations of need. Suspended coffee is based on an Italian goodwill or pay-it-forward tradition that began over 100 years ago in Naples, Italy, where someone more fortunate would order a suspended coffee, paying the price of two coffees but receiving only one. Someone less fortunate would receive the suspended coffee at a future time of need.  Coffee Hound Coffee Bar participates in this program by taking a prepaid coffee and donating that value in coffee beans to local area shelters working through the YWCA MDI.